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20 Delicious Indonesian Dishes You Must Try!

Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng is considered as country’s one of the signature dishes, which is definitely Indonesians’ favorite. A platter full of mixed fried rice clubbed with prawns, eggs (salted dried fish, chicken, goat meat, or any meat of your choice), the chili flavor and fresh veggies will surely fill your mouth with water and don’t forget about the Kerupuk.

Mie Goreng

Fried noodles like Mie Goreng are also on top of Indonesian’s favorite food list. It is usually served with the same cooking ingredients just as Nasi Goreng. The taste is really competitive with Nasi Goreng!

Mie Ayam

If you really noticed that Mie as a popular dish in Indonesia, it’s because of this amazing dish! This another version of noodle dish is served with chicken broth soup which is simply delicious to have and It is usually topped with scallion, Kai Choy sweet seasoned chicken, and the tasty dumplings.


Another Indonesian favorite dish is called Bakso, Its actually meat balls which are served in chicken broth soup, yellow noodles or rice vermicelli (depends on your choice), sprinkled with celery, sambal and of course fried shallots.

Nasi Uduk

Jakarta’s traditional food item. The rice is prepared with coconut milk so it becomes savory. Then it got mixed with other additional dishes such as omelette, Ayam Goreng, fried Tempe, and crispy crackers which are made of paddy oats.

Bubur Ayam

This ultimate breakfast of Indonesia is made of rice porridge that too served with Cakwe (Chinese crullers), crispy fried shallots, shredded chicken, and chopped scallion. As always in any dish, more Kerupuk, are always merrier.


Satay or Sate is skewered barbecued/grilled meat served with finger licking peanut sauce. If you pass by a street sate vendor and they are barbecuing/grilling it outdoor, hot blowing meat smoke with a hand-held fan, it is mostly to attract customers with its unparalleled and distinguished smell of it!


We can find two types of Martabak in Indonesia. One is the folded pan-fried stuffed crispy pancake which is called as Martabak Telor. The stuffing is made of minced beef, onions, and scallions. While Martabak Telor is savory, the other Martabak which is called as Martabak Manis is a sweet in taste dessert. With various toppings such as chocolate, banana, cheese, peanut, durian and even recently popular Nutella, this thick buttery pancake has rapidly become Indonesian’s another favorite snack.

Tahu (tofu) & Tempe Goreng

Tempe and Tofu (or Tahu) are soul mates as a dish. They are inseparable while having it. Better get a scoop of rice and sprinkled it with sweet soy sauce (Kecap) and your perfect Indonesian breakfast is ready to eat!!!


Soto is actually an Indonesian basic traditional soup mainly served with savory chicken broth which seasoned with turmeric. Then it is added with rice vermicelli, shredded chicken, eggs, and crispy fried shallots. We can find so many versions of Soto dish in Indonesia. It just depends on which region it really comes from. We can see Soto Kudus in Central Java, Coto Makassar in Sulawesi, Soto Betawi in Jakarta and a lot more.


The very popular Ketoprak is one of Indonesia’s traditional dishes and also very favorite choice among street foods. The main ingredients of Ketoprak are Ketupat or Lontong (flatten rice cake), rice vermicelli, Tahu, bean sprouts. It is then mixed with sweet and thick peanut sauce and of course the compulsory and complementary, a huge pile of Kerupuk.


Gado-Gado is mostly alike to Ketoprak since it is also dressed up with peanut sauce but its ingredients are actually from mixed veggies such as bean sprouts, cabbage, spinach, green bean, Kangkung, and Ketupat or Lontong


Pecel itself is actually veggies assorted with peanut sauce. It is more or less semi Gado-Gado, but it is mainly served without Ketupat or Lontong. As a replacement, you can add rice and other ingredients such as Rempeyek crackers and Tempe.


Just as the name, Karedok is the raw version of Gado-Gado. The veggies come directly to your plate from the farm. LOL, i.e. the veggies you have to eat in Karedok are all uncooked. But nothing to get worried, they are of course washed perfectly before it comes to your plate.


Have you heard of dim sum? Well, Siomay is like the cousin of dim sum. This is made of Teng Giri fish paste. Perfect combinations for Siomay are steamed potatoes, eggs, Tofu and cabbage. Better don’t forget about the soy sauce, sambal and moar peanut sauce.


Batagor is basically fried Bakso and tofu which is filled with fish paste. If you just go through all of the dishes, you can find that Indonesian dishes are similar to each other. Even if they are similar, they all taste extra delicious.

Opor Ayam

If you are at the time of Eid-ul-Fitr in Indonesia, you will obviously see Opor Ayam in most of all local household dinner tables. The chicken in this special dish is cooked in coconut milk. It is usually eaten with Sambal Goreng Ati (deep fried beef liver) and Ketupat during Lebaran (Eid-ul-Fitr) holiday.


If you can’t handle spicy dishes which include more chili, you will not be able to handle this spicy meat dish. It is actually originated from Minangkabau highlands of West Sumatra, The place which is famous for its love for anything spicy. The dish, Rendang is Indonesian’s traditional steak.


In Gudeg you will find all the taste in a single plate. Spicy from sambal Goreng Krecek (stew made of crisp beef skins), Savory from the coconut milk, and sweet from the jack fruit which is boiled for hours dipped with palm sugar. The place you can find the super tastiest Gudeg is in Yogyakarta because in this place Gudeg is considered as their traditional food.

Ayam Goreng Kuning

In this dish, you will see the chicken looks yellow in color and if you ask why? Then the answer is obviously it’s because of turmeric. The chicken pieces in Ayam Goreng Kuning are marinated in turmeric along with garlic, ginger shallots, and some other spices. It is then deep fried until the smell makes you go crazy for having this.

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