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Celebrate Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam Independence Days at Asian5!

Celebrate Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia with us!

Hey Asian5ers!

We've got some BIG celebrations coming your way...and you know what that means...? BIG OFFERS for you of course!

You all know about the epic food we serve up from five Asian countries...well, we're going to be celebrating those countries' Independence Days over the course of the coming weeks by serving up cut price national mark your diaries! We might not have parade fireworks as is customary, but we know for a fact that these will make your tonsils light up...

First up is Singapore Independence Day on Friday 9 August. Get into the spirit of the holiday with a typical dish from the island city-state – our epic laksa with prawns or our vegan laksa. We're giving you 50% off both of these beauties for dine-in on both Thursday 8 August (At our DAFZA and Downtown Dubai homes) and Friday 9 August at Downtown.

Next for your calendars is Indonesia Independence Day, which takes place on Saturday 17 August. This time round, as you can expect, it's the national dish of the volcanic islands - our insanely good Nasi Goreng with chicken that you can order at 50% off, making it just 16.50AED per portion! Again, we'll see you for dine-in on both Saturday 17 at Downtown as well as Sunday 18 at both of our spots to celebrate this one!

Last but by no means least is the wonder that is Vietnam, which celebrates its Independence on Monday 2 September. To mark the occasion, we'll be offering you guys half off our next-level pho beef and chicken all day at both Downtown and DAFZA.

So much to celebrate right?!

Ts & Cs

· The offers are strictly for dine in (no delivery or takeaway allowed)

· No takeaway of leftovers will be permitted

· The offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offer or promotion

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