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Everything You Need to Know About Chinese Soups!

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

So, what makes Chinese soups healthy? Is it the Chinese approach and philosophy towards dietary therapy, key ingredients or cooking techniques.

Since ancient period, humans has discovered that boiling meat and vegetables together in water will release their nutrients into the water. Our body can absorb and pick up these nutrients easier because it didn’t have to break down and digest.

Ancient Greece is the earliest nation to drink Soups. It has been heard that during the world sport event, Olympics, most of the athlete brings a calf or goat to the temple of Zeus to be a part in the rituals. During the rituals, these same animals were killed and cooked in a huge vessel / pot and the meat was distributed to the audiences (non-athlete) present and the remaining soup is given to the athletes to drink. It will increase their stamina and strength.

But it is the Chinese people who have a well developed philosophy, approach and strategy about dietary therapy in which soups play the main role.

When it comes to eating healthy food items the biggest challenge is often finding suitable recipes which you can cook yourself at home or anywhere and are soo yummy and tasty enough to eat more and more same time making your health better and better. For many years, Chinese soup items had covered all three above mentioned.

Keeping Up the Real Flavour

Healthy food doesn’t mean tasteless food.

Healthy Chinese soups reflect flavour. It is a delicious drink to keep the flavours varied, Chinese soup includes a number of spices and idol balance of all ingredients. These soups come out tasty enough to continue having for a whole week. That’s the main point, because for the people who made the decision to eat healthy food, flavor can make or break it.

Easy to Cook

Once the flavour part has been over, the next part of having healthy comes down to how to cook it easily. With the simplicity that fast food or pre-prepared meals provide, the more easier it is to make healthy food items, the better.

What is more simpler than boiling water with few fresh vegetable ingredients along with few spices?

Healthy Ingredients

When it comes to keeping a healthy lifestyle and being able to fit into your favourite clothes you purchased, the ingredients need to be as healthy as possible.

While traditional Western soups are usually loaded with heavy meat with creams, but Healthy Chinese soup items are usually clear and the ingredients are most often light.

Ingredients in many famous healthy Chinese soups are carefully combined together to make a number of conditions. Different ingredients regulate what these soups can do for your body.

Chicken – The Mighty Hero Against Colds and Flu

There is something comforting about a bowl of chicken soup. It is not just the Chinese who likes to use chicken to prepare soup but many cultures have also recognized its specialty, especially for illness like flu and cold. The Chinese people are firm believers of it and discovered that many Chinese herbs work best when paired with chicken.

Bones – War Against Osteoporosis

Have you noticed people shrinking with age? It is the sign of osteoporosis. As people get age, their bones become narrow and will be compressed under pressure, resulting loss of height. Its Women who face greater risks of osteoporosis, especially those who practice strength training and people who do seldom exercise.

Doctors around the world have advised high risk people to start taking food which provides calcium and to drink more milk. The problem is many of us are lactose-intolerant. We can’t drink a lot of milk as lactose in milk unable to digest easily.

But there is a pleasant solution for it. Soups. Yes soup made from bones contains calcium ions, which can be easily absorbed by our body.

Bones also contain proteins, natural salts, collagen and fats. All these improve micro-circulation. Better micro-circulation makes better cell production and Better cell production refers to delayed aging. And who doesn’t want that?

The Chinese people usually use chicken carcasses and pork bones to make bone soups. Make sure you trim off excess fats.

Vegetables – Nature’s Detoxifier

Everybody has natural and never ending process to detoxify and remove toxins via the bloodstream to kidneys and its liver’s job to eliminate it from the body. This process requires the blood to be little alkaline in order to eliminate toxins effectively.

However, in this modern world, living with stress and following unhealthy diets will increase the acidity in our bodies. To restore that balance, have soups made with fresh and good vegetables. It will help to restore the weak alkaline.

People who are on diets to control their weight must try vegetable soups. When hunger strike, people can become irrational. So better avoid it by having soups. Vegetable soups eliminate toxins and will give more nutrients plus eliminate excess fats from the body and will provide dieters more energy.

Research has shown that certain vegetable leaves and fibers can stabilize the ratio of cholesterol in our body.

2 Drinking Tips for Healthy Chinese Soups

Tip 1: Make Soups a Must Before and During Meals.

Nutritionists say that drinking soups before and during meals is good because it reduces the occurrence of esophagitis and gastritis.

Having clear soup just before a meal lubricates our throat and esophagus so that food items can passes through more easily.

Sipping clear soup during meals helps to mix the food in the stomach aiding in nutrition absorption and digestion. It also takes up space and will reduce the amount of food consumed in every meal.

Tip 2: Chew Up the Ingredients in Soup

Some people like to mix soup to cooked rice and drink both soup and rice without chewing. This is not at all good because it produce undue stress on the stomach which is trying to digest uncrushed rice grains.

Chewing food slowly also decrease eating speed. Weight gain is linked with how fast a person eats. It seems that when someone eats slowly, the “gut hormones” has good time to send a message to brain saying it is full and should stop eating more.


There is no more data needed to convince you that Chinese soups are always good for you :) Asian5 Restaurant serves and delivers the best Chinese food in Dubai. Check our tasty menu now!

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