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Get a Taste of Our New Menu!

We’ve got vegan items, salads, desserts, and drinks lined up for you in our new menu.

As you might already know, we’re adding eight vegan dishes (‘The Tasty Vegan List’, if you will) that are ultra-fresh, ultra-tasty and ultra-healthy to our new menu that goes live in our Downtown home on Thursday the 25th of October and in DAFZA early November. Check them out here. But, we also have exciting non-vegan additions like a zingy teriyaki pulled beef burger, incredible salads, two new desserts, and a refreshed beverage menu launching as well.

Let’s dive in!

So first up we have three new delicious salads that are all a must try! Cabbage & Pulled Chicken is probably going to be one of the new favorites for a light lunch option packed with flavors as the fresh mint vinegar dressing that spices up this one is simply mouthwatering. Next, we have a Prawn & Mango salad topped with a homemade sweet chili and mango dressing. Here too packed with flavors! Finally, we’ve got a classic new addition: SEAWEED SALAD.

We’ve also added a few other treats – including three sensationally unique iced teas that are entirely homemade at Asian5 and completely free from all nasties – that means colorants, additives, and other bad stuff is ALL GONE. They’re also just 10AED! The first is hibiscus iced tea, made with real dried hibiscus flowers and a hint of cinnamon. Next up is a refreshing lemon iced tea, and rounding out our new iced teas is a lemongrass iced tea – made with fresh lemongrass and pandan leaves that we infuse Asian5-style!

We’re also adding a refreshing Thai Iced Tea and Vietnamese style iced coffee to cool you off from all the tangy spicy food;-)

Finally, we have two new desserts that you’ll always manage to find room for: a trio of jellies including Southeast Asian pandan, creamy coconut, and juicy mango as well as (very excitingly!), an absolute favorite dish from our sister restaurant, Lemongrass Thai Restaurant, that really has stood the test of time…Sweet sticky rice with mango! It’s the stuff of Thai legend and we might be biased, but it’s simply insanely good and you have to try it asap.

So…come and see us as the menu goes live in our Downtown home this Thursday (25th October) and in DAFZA early November. Just make sure you’re hungry when you arrive…

As always, yummy regards from team Asian5!

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