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Thai Food and its Health Benefits

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Eating food is a good habit but there are certain things that you need to consider when choosing what to eat. You need to check what you are eating so that it does not affect your health in any way. Do you love Thai Food?

The taste and aroma of those deep fried spring rolls and even the prawn crackers that you can find on Thai Restaurant Menus are luring. Most of us are Thai food lovers. If you love Thai food then, you must know it has some health benefits too.

All the ingredients used in Thai food are highly beneficial to health. One of the popular and most favorite Thai dishes, Tom Yum Soup has been found to exhibit incredible health benefits as per certain scientific studies. The spices and the ingredients that are used in Thai food are capable of fighting diseases and also, help in boosting your immune system.

Let us examine the health benefits of Thai food.


The Thai’s love for chilies is well-known across the globe. Thai food is served spicy as they prepare it with a lot of fresh and dried chilies.

The origin of chilies was in South America some 6000 years ago, but today they are grown almost everywhere and almost everyone loves to have chilly in their food.

Chilies help to alleviate congestion, clear sinuses, fight inflammation and also boost the immune system. Chilies help to get rid of blood clots and prevent bad cholesterol.

Also, red chilies are a rich source of Vitamin C.


Tamarind is not only used in Thai food but also in Asian cooking in general. This pod-like fruit which grows on a tamarind tree originated from Sudan in Africa, later reached all parts of South Asia where it is consumed on a large scale.

It is a rich source of anti-oxidants and helps in overcoming fever and aids with digestion. Also, it can help heal various skin problems.


Lemongrass originated in Asia and is one of the common ingredients in Asian food. You can find it in almost all the Asian curries and soups.

It helps in relieving stomach aches, headaches and also, helps to get rid of cold.

Also, Lemongrass helps to soothe nasal congestion and has a lot of anti-fungal properties.


Today, Thailand is one of the largest producers of pineapples. The Philippines hold the second position but Pineapples originated from South America. Pineapple contains a high-level of Vitamin C that is capable of fighting diseases. It also helps to improve eye and gum health and helps in lowering blood pressure.


Garlic is used in almost all Thai dishes. Though it is grown all over the globe, China is one of the top producers and when eaten raw or cooked, it has ample health benefits.

It helps in digestion and helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Also, it keeps your intestines healthy and helps to treat cold and cough.


Guava was discovered in Mexico and is today, cultivated across all the tropical regions. It contains a lot of Vitamin C and fibre, and Vitamin A and Folic Acid.

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