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If we were anywhere else in the world, March would mark the start of the new spring season. Here in the UAE, where seasons simply don’t exist, let’s say that March marks the start of a whole host of new dishes here at Asian5 instead! :)

So what’s on the menu?

Slow cooked and freshly made with ground spices and kaffir lime leaves, say hello to our hot-from-the-oven dry Beef Rendang. ⁠Originating from a region in West Sumatra, the traditional rendang dish has now spread far and wide across Indonesia and nearby to appear in the cuisines of many neighboring Southeast Asian countries.

Our take on the classic is packed full of beef that comes all the way from Silver Fern Farms in New Zealand, to ensure that it’s 100% grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free.⁠ It really is mouth-wateringly good (if we do say so ourselves). ⁠

Thai Chicken Salad - Yum Woon Sen – AED29

Get a load of our brand new Yum Woon Sen - and believe us, it is oh-so YUM! A spicy glass noodle salad with grilled chicken, celery, carrot, tomatoes, onions, coriander and peanuts, it's so fresh, so tasty - and so good for you!

Tapioca Pudding – 15AED

Did someone say guilt-free dessert? This homemade Asian-style Tapioca Pudding with banana and hibiscus coulis is delicious, filling and not even bad for you!

Basil Lemonade – 12AED

Welcome this one with open arms because it's just the greatest. Refreshing, citrusy and a match made in heaven for our Asian flavours, we make this beauty entirely from scratch and it's completely free of nasties. Plus it's delicious. Win-win. ⁠

The fragrant leaves of the pandan plant flavour many of our dishes so we thought it was time to put them lovingly into a drink. Served as a milkshake made with ice cream, the flavours are subtle and entirely thirst-quenching.

More New Stuff

By popular demand, we’ve also added our Fried Chicken (AED27) to our DAFZA menu. Marinated with love and packed with flavors, it’s super crispy and served with a sweet chili sauce - we just didn’t want anyone missing out!

We’re also continually expanding our market list of organic veggies from the legends at Greenheart Organic Farms – and here’s a full and up to date list of all of the goodies we now source organically right here in the UAE: Long Beans, Beetroot, Broccoli, Capsicum (red and green), Carrot, Cauliflower, Celery, Cucumber, Lemon, Lollo Rosso, Spring Onion, Sweet Potato, Tomato and White Cabbage.

Let us know what you try with us next!

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