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As you know, we're all about doing our bit to help save the planet here at Asian5 – having just added a whole host of organic vegetables to our menu - and we're always looking for ways to further reduce our environmental footprint. Our next initiative looks at combatting our wastage. Unfortunately there is no getting away from the fact that there is a lot of this in the F&B industry, however it's up to us to try and reduce it as much as we possibly can. So we're starting with one of our biggest sources of waste...rice. There's a lot of rice left over from our orders in the restaurant (and we can only assume on our takeaway orders too) as (we assume...!) many of our lovely customers must get full up on our yummy starters and main courses and we therefore have to throw away the excess, which is a real bummer for us all. SO, our latest initiative is here to stop this and reduce our rice waste by offering half portions of our delicious jasmine rice, fried rice and Greenheart Organic Farms cauliflower rice. What's the deal? Essentially, we'll give you AED1 back for every half portion of rice you order! So, say for example you guys opt for our awesome Pad Med Mamuang and take the free portion of jasmine rice that comes alongside it, you'd normally pay AED34 -but we'll give you that AED1 back, so you'll pay just AED33 for the dish plus your half portion of rice. Honestly, it's more than enough and we guarantee you'll still leave us satisfied. Oh and if not, you can always check out our desserts...! Let's cut down on rice wastage together. This is just the beginning so get behind it guys! In the meantime, we found this article on InsideHook that looks at ways that you can be helping to save the planet from the comfort of your own kitchen - how amazing are these products...?!  Image credit: Chris Potter on Flickr Creative Commons

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