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Top 10 Things to Know About Dubai

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Can you think of one of those fantabulous and glamorous places in the world where life is a celebration each day? Of course, undoubtedly, Dubai is the first place that hits our mind and we know why.

The glamor, the vigor, and the splendor that this world famous city offers is something that cannot be found in no other place in the whole world. You cannot disagree on this point.

And, soon, this universally popular city will be seen hosting Dubai Expo 2020.

But, there are a few things that you need to know about Dubai if you are planning to migrate to the place in search of a job or as a tourist or for any other purpose that you are visiting Dubai:

Foreigners and Expats

Dubai is one of those places in the world which offers a lot of business and trade opportunities which has paved the way to ample of employment opportunities too.

The trade gateway and the attractive salary have been alluring foreigners to migrate to the city every year.

So, the foreigners make up about 85% of Dubai’s total population.

Climate in Dubai

Dubai is nothing less than a desert. So, you can predict with ease what kind of a climate is prevalent there. It is nothing but heat.

The weather is scorching hot throughout the year. One of the reasons why people prefer to stay indoors during the daytime and like to leave their houses in the evening time when it is a lot cooler.

Dubai is located near to Sand Dunes, one of the reasons why it is hot.


If you are visiting Dubai as part of a holiday or tour, the best means of transportation would be a taxi. These are cheaper in Dubai. Also, you can find a taxi with ease wherever you are in Dubai.

Kissing in public

Again being an Islamic state, obscene acts are not allowed in the public and not only are acts such as kissing not permitted but are also punishable. Also, cuddling and holding hands in the public is illegal. So, be careful!


You can hear the prayer of the Mosques 5 times a day as these are connected to public speaker systems and also, you can hear these at night too if you are staying near to a mosque.


The dressing is one more thing that you need to be careful because being an Islamic state, Dubai is quite conservative and it is better to be modest. Men are not supposed to roam topless unless they are at the beach.


Being an Islamic state, Alcohol might not be permitted in certain places. And, also it is not necessary that it will be served at any of the restaurants that you walk into.

But, then, as you know Dubai is an International Zone and so, Alcohol is available here at some of the top restaurants in the country.

The Holy Month of Ramadan

Dubai is an Islamic state and the people are expected to not eat, drink or smoke in the public places from dawn to dusk including foreigners.

National Day

The National Day of Dubai falls on November 2nd. It is the day when Dubai broke free from the U.K. back in the year 1971.

No Street Has An Address

The streets in Dubai do not have an address and so, if you are sending someone a mail send it to their office PO box or draw a map or write the directions on the envelope.

The nightlife in Dubai is overwhelming.

Though, there are a few rules and regulations Dubai is one of those awesome places that one must visit in a lifetime. Now you are aware of the things to know about Dubai and it would be easier for you to manage when you reach there.

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