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Top Asian Foods for Ramadan

Let’s make this Ramadan a delicious and healthy one with the wide range verities of

Ramadan special food for your iftar menu. With our wide range of healthy and tasty

snacks, main courses and sweets, your iftar will simply awesome.

What to Eat

Both of the suhoor and iftar meals contain fresh fruit, vegetables, halal meats,

bread, cheeses, and sweets. “I try to keep my Ramadan very light and full of fiber,

proteins, and complex carbs. When Ramadan is during hot summer months like it is

this year, I also focus on hydrating foods,” says Amanda Saab of the blog

Amanda’s Plate. The types of food served to vary by region, whether you’re in the

Middle East, Europe, Asia, North America, or beyond. The meals are served either

at home with family, in the community mosques, or other designated places within

the Muslim community.

“During iftar, a series of snacks are cooked. Some people prefer to have a few

snacks and opt for having a complete dinner after. It usually includes spicy

vegetable or paneer fritters, spicy fruit chaat, dal, dates, and sometimes fruit

custard,” says Kaif Khan of the blog Quirk Kitchen. Khan also calls out a special

rosy pink syrup called Rooh Afza, made from a mix of ingredients including

coriander, orange, pineapple, carrot, rose petals, spinach, and mint. “No Ramadan

is complete without a bottle of Rooh Afza. This drink is a staple in our house for

iftar. Usually, it is prepared with addition of just water and lime — another version is

a Rooh Afza lassi,” she says.


1. Beef Black Bean Sauce

Stir fried beef | Chili Black Bean Sauce

2. Schezwan Chicken & Prawns

Stir-fried Chicken and Prawns Schezwan pepper

3. Sweet & Sour Fish

Stir fried fish | Bell Pepper | Pineapple Cucumber | Sweet and sour sauce

4. Chicken Cashew Nut

Stir-fried Chicken | Cashew nuts | Dry Chili Homemade chili paste


1. Chicken Pot Sticker

Pan-fried chicken dumpling | Shredded cabbage | Sour soy sauce

2. Prawn Crackers

Thai prawn crackers | Sweet chili sauce

3. Assorted Satay

Chicken | Beef | Prawns | Sour soy sauce

4. Gai Hor Bai Teuy

Deep fried marinated chicken | Sweet soy sauce | Pandan leaves wrapping


1. Tom Yum Goong

Thai spicy and sour | Prawns | Lemongrass Mushroom | Coriander

2. Pho

Vietnamese rice noodles | Chicken broth | Coriander | Spring onions

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