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Top Health Benefits of Chinese Food You Didn’t Know!

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

DID YOU KNOW? Cooking and eating authentic Chinese food can keep you healthy and immune forever.

China not only contributed in philosophy but also in foods too. When we look into Chinese food items we can see that the cuisine is filled with the right combination of ingredients like herbs and condiments.

Making Chinese food is unique. Most of the Chinese dishes are steamed or pan fried. Dumplings and wontons are the best examples. They are very both tasty and healthy. Pan fried noodles, fish, beef and chicken dishes are also very popular in china. Another very popular method of Chinese food making is the clay pot method. The best part of this method is, it only requires very less oil and thus provides very healthy food.

Years ago you could see that healthy Japanese foods makings headlines and experts also claim that Korean foods are also healthy. But do you know the cost of a single plate sushi-grade fish is? It will empty your wallet within a night. Here is the prominence of Chinese cuisine. Its ingredients are available across the globe and make you a fine, healthy, diet conscious, portion controlled meal. Eileen Yin-Fei Lo, who is the author of many Chinese cookbooks, points out that just three-quarter pounds of chicken which are cut into strips, stir-fried with a few cups of broccoli and served with steamed rice can be served up to six people. Same in the case of grilled chicken breast. Mix steam rice with some amount of grilled chicken breast Western style and your guests may like it.


1. Slow Eating makes you feel fuller, thereby you eating less

2. People who eat fast are more likely to be obese

3. Good for digestion (Eating Slowly)

4. It will reduce appetite

5. Obviously, it will control portion size

6. It controls your weight

7. Reduces risk of acid reflux and heartburn

Soup — a mainstream dish of any authentic Chinese dinner — is also a very good appetiser. Chinese people believe that drinking certain blends of herbal soup will help you in the balancing of our health and will improve our well-being. Experts say that taking soup before a meal will reduce food intake by 30%.

Green Tea – Green tea terminate toxins, helps digestion and balance acids. Scientists say that it also fights free radicals, which causes cancer and heart disease.

Another reason why Chinese food is healthier than most other cuisines is that meat, fish and chicken are used in control and probably cooked with vegetables. Unlike most of the western dishes, Chinese food mainly comes in a balance of meat, vegetables which provide carbohydrates, protein, calcium and vitamins. Also, no heavy milk-based ingredients like cream, cheese or butter can be seen in Chinese dishes. And if you’re looking for a delicious wide variety of Chinese foods in Dubai, look no further than Asian5. Here at Asian5 Restaurant, we always provide you with the best Chinese cuisine can offer you. Enjoy all the authentic flavours and benefits of Chinese cuisine from your own asian5 restaurant in Dubai.

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