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You Can Now Eat VEGAN at Asian5!

Calling all vegans who love tasty Asian food…

Yep. You can now eat vegan at Asian5.

We’ve added a whole host of new epic-ness to our menu – including EIGHT vegan dishes (‘The Tasty Vegan List’, if you will) that are ultra-fresh, ultra-tasty and ultra-healthy.

And when we say healthy…of course our new green dishes are a best friend to your physical wellbeing (as well as your taste buds!), but they’re also extra kind to our environment, as a vegan diet is super sustainable – saving farmed animals, forested land and tons upon tons of CO2.

So, enough background…what can we expect to devour?

We thought you’d never ask! OK, we knew you couldn’t resist… So The Tasty Vegan List includes eight mouthwatering dishes that we’ve sprinkled with an Asian5 twist. Get ready for:

Vegetable skewers with a Thai pesto of sweet basil and mint – the perfect accompaniment to our brand new vegan glass noodles or stir-fried vegetables with tofu. YUM.

You can also look forward to stir-fried kangkong (water spinach) with a creamy vegan sambal sauce, super delicious lentil Kapraow as well as…get ready for it…VEGAN LAKSA with vegetables (crisp bean sprouts, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, carrots and snow peas) and tofu. OH SO GOOD.

Also packing a punch on the Tasty Vegan List is our brand new sweet potato curry, served with fresh cauliflower rice (or our tasty Jasmine Rice…whatever you prefer!). Believe us, this is the vegan curry you’ve been waiting for! And if you’ve got eyes bigger than your belly, it also pairs seamlessly with a new addition on our side dish menu: fresh salad rolls with a classic peanut dip. Mmmm.

But that’s not all… Check out the rest of our new menu additions in our next post! In the meantime, remember that our new menu, including The Tasty Vegan List, goes live in our Downtown home on Thursday the 25th of October and in DAFZA early November.

As always, yummy regards from team Asian5!

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