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World Vegan Day (nope, Month!) at Asian5

Listen up! It’s World Vegan Day on Friday 1 November and we’re going all out for it. We know how much you guys love The Tasty Vegan List here at Asian5 (especially because the majority of our veggies are organic!), so we’re running a special set menu of all our (and your!) vegan faves this Friday. Oh, and did we mention it’ll be available for the entire rest of the month of November too?

That’s right, one day simply isn’t enough to celebrate the vegan goodness! So for the full 30 days of November, get a load of what you could be chowing down on for just 75AED per person at all three of our homes (yep - including our brand new spot at BurJuman City Centre!) below...

Whet those vegan appetites with a tempting range of starters including our awesome Beetroot Shumai, Veggie Shumai and Vegan Skewers – all with our famous Asian dipping sauces. The best part? You’ll get to try all three so there’s no need to decide which to go for!

Moving on to mains, we’re serving up four of our top veggie dishes for you to choose from, including our oh-so-good Veggie Glass Noodles, Vegan Laksa, Soba Noodles and Sweet Potato Curry with jasmine rice. Choose one of these before rounding out your vegetable-filled extravaganza with not one but two of our delish vegan desserts: Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango (sooo good!) and Fried Banana Wonton with Homemade Coconut Ice Cream. YUM! Wash it all down with one of our thirst-quenching and entirely homemade iced teas, (lemon, hibiscus or lemongrass) and you’re good to go!

Oh and one more thing while we have your attention (ok, maybe two…), alongside our vegan set menu and organic veggies, we’ve also been working hard in the background to source entirely compostable packaging for all of our Uber Eats deliveries - and we’re so proud and happy to say that it’s finally arrived...and here it is!

This awesome packaging is made, for the most part, from Cornstarch. It is entirely compostable and will be rolled out across each of our three branches before November finishes up. To add to that, we’ve also gone completely plastic-free in terms of water bottles at our new home in BurJuman – serving filtered water in glass carafes instead. So to all of our customers there – goodbye plastic! With that, we like to think we’re doing our little bit for the environment, so come and see us in November and do yours too! :)

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